8 comments on “Justice For Matthew McCree Revisited 2018

  1. There were 20 students and two teachers who witnessed this. All have provided statements to the police. Everyone except that of his friend Laboy, corroborates what Cedeno told Gay City News. He was attacked by McCree and Laboy who told their classmates and posted images on their social media network, attesting to their membership in 800 ygz. Abel was not the only student in that school who was tormented by this duo. The knife purchased from Amazon, was legal in that is it was not prohibited by statute.(not a switchblade or gravity knife) Abel told the grand jury that he believed that it would act as a deterrence against would be attackers. Finally the law regarding justification, self defense doesn’t require that a person be in mortal danger. It does require that he not be the aggressor ( all witnesses agree to this) and that he reasonably believe his physical safety is in jeopardy. The autopsy reveals that McCree had severe injuries to both his hands and several bruises, to his torso, but only one stab wound. Cedeno fought back bravely, and only as a last resort used the weapon. Once. That’s what the science says. Watch the slowed down version of this 9 second clip. Watch McCree push a teacher aside who tied to stop him in order to get to Cedeno. Watch and count how many blows he lands on Abel, watch the abject fear in Abels face and listen to the sounds of the sheer terror of his classmates. Please tell me. If Abel was your child, being attacked by two others, would you ask that he/she allow them to pummell him/her?

    • Cedeno’s attorney claims his client was bullied for years. Are we to believe a 12 -13 year old Matthew McCree was the bully of Cedeno exclusively that whole period of time? That a kid 3 years younger Matthew McCree was known to be Cedeno’s bully all this time? Nope not buying that. This kid snapped and attacked two classmates on the day in question. The defense attempted to paint a picture to fit his defense claims because he knew his client is guilty. Check the video release in its ENTIRETY. With regards to the knife, buying a weapon or object that could be used as a weapon online regardless of seller then bringing it to school has thought behind it. He bought the knife with the intent to use it. His victims didn’t have knives or weapons. Abel charged into the classroom with the weapon out which makes him the aggressor at the time of this incident. He’s guilty period. Now go join his defense team and spin some more garbage for the media.

    • One more thing. My parents taught me and my siblings to defend ourselves but to first go to the teachers, then the principal to make them aware of any problems we may be having in school. We were taught we have a right to defend ourselves but we were never told its okay to kill or buy weapons and bring them to school. If Abel Cedeno was bullied and complained and nothing was done his parents should have removed him from that school not condone his murdering another child. Have several seats with that excuse.

    • If your child were murdered by a kid 3 years older would you like someone to say he deserved it then show edited video to skew public opinion in favor of the defense? The truth will come out. You can lie to judges, courts, parents, media, even yourself but you can’t lie to God.

  2. Idc what nobody says Matthew was not a bully nor a gang member I grew up with him he never bullied anyone and the rumors talking about he does not like gay people that is a lie too Matthew had plenty of gay friends he never teased them for being gay. People needs to stop listening to the media. And my second thought what is a 18 year old doing in a class with a 15 year old.

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