THEJNSREPORT is social commentary from a Sister and Brother duo of native New Yorkers sharing and expressing their viewpoints on life while living within the Concrete Jungle.

THEJNSREPORT covers a wide range of topics and categories, from Politics, and Health, to Sports, Food, Civil Liberties and more along with several contributing writers who want to promote dialogue and effect change in our communities and society at large in a positive and thought provoking way.  Let’s educate ourselves.

We welcome and encourage dialogue here at THEJNSREPORT.  We believe that increasing our learning and understanding of all of us human beings around the world is the only way to learn, respect, and love one another and come together as one.  The Human Race…is one race.  We are GOD’s creation in his image.  That is the unmitigated truth.

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  1. Hi there, I found your blog through Blogging 201 and am a new follower now. Feel warmly invited to visit mine and hopefully follow it back. 🙂

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