5 comments on “Corporate Tyranny vs Working Class

  1. This is just awful – I worked for an employer who tried the same thing. He tried saying that the employee should not have been told about how she will be paid on jury duty as an exempt employee, but, rather she should have been told to refer to the company handbook – which has the wrong information in it – it only stated how jury duty will be paid out, and it does not differentiate between exempt or non-exempt status – but, what was written was only for non-exempt employees.

    And, the attorney kept saying that exempt and non-exempt status only matters with issues of paying overtime – not jury duty.

    In conclusion, the employer is obligated to pay the exempt employee while out on jury duty if that employee works any time in that week – correct?

    • From what I read the employer is obligated to pay the exempt employee while out on jury duty if they work any time that week. From the case of the person I spoke abouot, she was exempt and her HR department stated the “company policy” with regards to jury duty for exempt employees was that she would be paid her full salary if she worked at minimum 1 hour per week. My advice is to familiarize yourself with your company policy with regard to exempt and non exempt employees but generally speaking, exempt employees must be paid if they work and can’t be forced to work on days they aren’t normally scheduled to work in order to make up for lost days. Win for the working class. 🙂

    • In response to your last question, as far as I know the answer is yes. If one is an exempt employee, while serving jury duty and works on days that he/she doesn’t serve jury duty that are part of the regular scheduled days he/she would normally work, the employer is required to pay them. Employers can’t force exempt employees to make up for days serving jury duty like say having them work weekends.

    • Company policy has a set of guidelines but as far as I know it can’t supercede the law. There are specific rules that state what companies can and can’t do with regards to jury duty. I’d say check what specifics the company guidelines have and compare that with the law. You can always ask a judge or attorney if you need more clarification. Hope that helps.

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